This is what I have the pleasure to fly with

1949 Cessna 170A

Our beautiful lady: HB-CKA

Built in 1949 and still in perfect condition. We operate her in a small flying club (Cessna 170 Club) consisting of three pilots and one non-flying member. With her I'm exploring Europe. I've been to Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Croatia and I'm looking forward for many more countries to come.

Diamond HK36TTC

A wonderful aircraft and really easy to fly. It is the first single enginge piston aicraft I had a licence for. It is in service as a touring motor glider and towing aircraft on the glider airfield "Hegmatten" near Winterthur.

Maule M-7-235

The most challenging aircraft I have been flying so far. A powerful 235hp engine and STOL capabilities make this one a real pleasure to fly. Most of the time I do glider-towing with this model. Since spring 2020 as a Class Rating Instructor CRI (A) I do instruct future towing pilots on this cool plane.

Tecnam P2010

A sleek and good looking plane with lots of space inside the cabin and a modern Garmin G1000-Cockpit. I do fly that one based in LSZR for passenger flights.

Other ACFT I logged some hours on

Maule MX-7

The short-wing-variant of the Maule M-7. It has the same engine but with the slightly shorter wing it flys a little sportier. The one on this picture (HB-KDF) unfortunatly crash-landed in summer 2015... 

1940 WACO UPF-7

While spending holidays on Marathon Key in Florida I had the chance to fly that beauty with an instructor for 30 minutes including some aerobatics. That was real fun! I just love those oldtimers! :-)

Aquila 211 & Tecnam

Two basic training aircraft but totally different. I flew both of them during a testing period for our upcoming basic trainer at LSZK. In the end the Tecnam P2008JC was chosen.

Cessna 172 JT-A (G1000)

Who does NOT know the Cessna 172? This is one of 4 similar 172 JT-A belonging to the FGZO based in Fehraltorf LSZK where used to do passenger flights with them. They are all IFR equipped with a Garmin 1000 and a 4-axis autopilot. All four of them now do have a brandnew Diesel engine and are equipped with a so called "single power lever". Therefore a pilot needs a difference training to be allowed to fly the plane.

Cessna 152

THE basic trainer. Very famous for her easy flight characteristics and the model I made my PPL on. We still have three of them at LSZK but sooner or later we will have to look for replacement.

Mooney M201

By far the fastest plane I flew in my career as a privat pilot. I started transition to this nice 1984 Mooney 201 in summer 2019 and had to take a break later due to lack of time. But I am still looking forward to finish my "complex rating" on either this one or a similar, fast and reliable aircraft.