When dreams are learning to fly

and take you to the sky

Flying is a dream. As long as I can think, i wanted to lift off and explore the sky. Today I'm as happy as I could be. I am allowed to fly in one of the worlds most beautiful countries. Regularly I cross the alps with a 1949 Cessna 170A I share with four pilot friends or I soar past the hills with passengers in some of the other planes I fly. Here on my site I want to share these moments with you. I love to show the beauty of flying and to meet new people through this wonderful hobby. Feel free to visit my Instagram, my Facebook-Account or leave me a note via the form on this site. So, welcome aboard, please fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the flight.

360°-photo inside the cockpit of our 1949 Cessna 170A. Use your mouse to look around!